Multiple Teams · Fox 59 reports on progress during 2 a days

Fox 59 sports reporter, Larry Hawley, stopped in to visit with the football team after a long week of two a day practices. The guys have been working very hard physically and mentally. They are reminded at every practice, “not everyone can or wants to do what you are doing, so let’s do it to the best of our ability.” As practice moves forward they must continue working on the little things and come together as a group. The guy beside them may need their help, whether its on the field or in life, they must commit to that philosophy. As each member of the team looked around prior to practice Friday afternoon, they took note of the expectations. Senior through freshman reflected on how football continues to build their character in order to help others. We also talked about getting fourteen points better to make it back and try and win a state title. Fox 59 followed up with some of those conversations.