Multiple Teams · Cardinal Ritter Football Volunteers to Help Colts / NFL at Combine

A big thank you goes out to the Indianapolis Colts for the opportunity to help out the NFL with the combine this week. We had a number of players who enjoyed the experience of getting together to run some football related drills after winning the 2016 State Championship. The guys enjoyed the field trip down to Lucas Oil and more importantly the opportunity to help out when called upon. The Indianapolis Colts link below will show you a few of the things the guys were able to help out with today.

We also want to congratulate Elie Gerth, Derek Gomez and Mark Kibirige for being selected as the Weight Lifters of the Month for February representing the football program. We hope that we can show some continued efforts as we travel to Triton Central on Monday for an organized team lifting competition. I think all of the guys would agree that it is always great to shake a little of the rust off and start thinking about next year!

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