Boys Junior Varsity Basketball, Boys Varsity Basketball · Raiders Win Big On Senior Night

By Justice Carter and Alex Abatayo

Did you come to Senior Night Friday the 15th ? Well if you didn’t, you missed out on a great game put up by our own Cardinal Ritter Boys Basketball Seniors including: Le’Ron “Mr. Magnificent” Fleming, Marlon “Hot Shot” Anderson, Jr., Kynton Grays, “Go” DJ Boggs, Dan “O-Mite” Bayler, Joey “Gamer” Gruber, and last but not least, “Nasty” Nate Soltis.  The Cardinal Ritter Raiders Boys Basketball Team defeated the Covenant Christian Warriors 93-63 on senior night.  The student section was incredible from the start, with everyone cheering and on their toes, rooting for the Raiders.

The game started out with a bang, with Soltis making the first bucket and Cardinal Ritter followed that with outstanding defense.  As the Raiders scored points throughout the game, they also made sure to make it difficult for the Warriors catch up to them through their impeccable defense.   Baylor had the first steal of the night. Unexpectedly, the whole gymnasium grew quiet as Gruber fell and injured himself. Fortunately, he was able to stand, as the student section cheered for him, and stayed at the bench for the rest of the game cheering on his teammates. Many of the fans in the student section “we’re sad that Joey got hurt,” says one student. The first quarter ended with a score of 15-7.

Soltis started the second quarter off with a slam dunk causing the crowd to roar. Baylor managed to score a 3 point shot as he fell towards the ground and picked up a foul to complete the 4 point play. The Raiders continued to dominate in the second quarter and ended up 36-24.

In the third quarter the highlight was when Soltis assisted Damon “Old Oak” Ogletree with a monster dunk, his first of the season.

At the end of the night, two of our Raider Seniors were interviewed about the experience. First, Marlon Anderson, Jr. was asked, “How does this win on Senior Night feel to you?” He replied “It was great. The support was great too. We always have the student section come out, but more than that, the family members who have traveled from different states to come watch us play on Senior night is very important.” Lastly Marlon added that the best thing was “winning and putting on a great game for Senior Night because for most of the Seniors it was their last big game (at home).”

Soltis stated that the best part of the game was, “definitely the student section, having them is always fun, and also it’s been fun playing for Ritter.” His last words were “it’s been good, Ritter.”

Baylor led the team tonight scoring 20 points followed by Soltis who scored 18. Ogletree was close behind scoring 17, while Anderson and Gruber scored 9 and 8 points respectively.

This basketball game was awesome, and it was good seeing the Cardinal Ritter stands full of people coming to support the Raiders, and all the seniors that will not be back with us next year. Thank you Seniors, we’ll miss you.