Girls Varsity Tennis · Tennis Downed By Speedway

The Lady Raiders continue to improve their match play and learn and employ new strategies and tactics with each match. Although we fell short in each position, the fight and perseverance of each player will serve us well in the remainder of the season.

2 of the 5 matches ended in 3rd set breakers. The 2 doubles team of Lauren VanMeigham and Annie Waters even had 2 match points! The Spark Plugs prevailed however and we continue our growth as players and fighters. Kudos also to Mackenzie Grzegorzewski who lost in a 3rd set breaker as well after losing the first set.
1s MariClaire Warnock vs. Tiana Sparks 1-6 3-6
2s Mackenzie Grzegorzewski vs Karley Smith 4-6, 6-4 6-10
3s Lindsay Norton vs Orng Moo 2-6 2-6
1d Olivia Houston/Lucy Fultz 1-6 3-6
2d Lauren VanMeigham/Annie Waters vs Davanie Crouch/Melanie Wall 6-4 4-6 11-13
Kylie Nagy vs Lexi Fry 2-8
Eden Crapo/Amara Allen vs Bailey Eckins/Hel Myaw Gui 4-8
Julie Barber/Estefanie Medina vs Favour Olbedgaho/Ja’Nai Williams 2-8
Elyse Cullin/Dema Amro vs Rylee Mathis/Meagan Hill 2-6