News · Spring Sports Recap Series- Signings

Another successful year of Raiders Athletics, and another year of our seniors having the good fortune to be able to compete in the sports they love at the next level.  Year in and year out we have multiple seniors that sign on to play sports in college and the 2018-19 school year was no exception. There were 13 seniors that signed during the year with 2-3 more that are signing or trying out during the summer and fall.  That makes up more than 10% of the graduating senior class that will be competing next year in college.  

The individual success has been astronomical and it has been shown based on the overall team success our Raiders have had in the past couple of years.


Seniors that signed this year are as follows:

  1. Matthew Boburg- Clemson- Soccer
  2. Kamryn Blake – Illinois State- Diving
  3. Parker Gianoli – St. Francis – Football
  4. Kynton Grays – Indiana University – Track and Field
  5. Jarek Malatestinic – Grand Valley State – Track and Field
  6. Hilton Sanchez – Dennison – Track and Field
  7. Le’Ron Fleming – Hanover – Baseball
  8. Nate Soltis – IU East – Basketball
  9. Damien Wallace – Marian – Baseball
  10. Javon Roders – Ball State – Football
  11. Elizabeth Schmidt – Marian – Cheerleading
  12. Taylor Faulkenberg – Dennison – Softball
  13. Donavan Morris – Eastern Illinois – Track and Field

Check out a complete listing of all former Raiders and where they competed in College by checking out our alumni section on the website or by clicking here: