Girls Varsity Softball · Chloe Olejnik: Spring Sports Senior Showcase

Our next senior highlighted in our Spring Sports Senior Showcase is Chloe “Ole… Ole, Ole,” Olejnik.  Chloe has been one of the best three sport athletes at Cardinal Ritter over the past 4 years.  During her time here she helped the volleyball team win a Sectional as a freshman and was a huge part of the basketball teams that won Sectional Titles in 2017 and 2019.

Off the court or field of play, Chloe is one of the nicest, caring people.  She regularly volunteers to help the less fortunate and was just recently awarded for her efforts.  But on the court, she is an entirely different person.  Fiery, relentless, competitive are just a couple of words that come to mind when talking about Chloe.  The best description is she is the type of player you hate to play against and the one you are excited to have on your team.  She plays a physical style of sports that is unmatched.  The sweet facade and turn into an intimidating force opponents fear.  On every team she plays for, she is regarded as the one of the toughest on the team.  She isn’t afraid of any opponent and never backs down from a challenge.  She also has a lot of fun playing which is infectious to her teammates.

Coach Heim had some complimenting words about Chloe by saying, “When I think about Chloe, the first thing that pops in my head is Athlete. I have enjoyed watching Chloe play in Volleyball, Basketball and Softball during her time at Cardinal Ritter and to watch her play is exciting. She is a fierce competitor as well as a great leader and teammate. When she stepped on the field, as a coach, I knew I could count on her to give me 100%. She would compete to the end of the game. There where also times that she would be the reason for the rally or even the walk off hit to secure the win.  Chloe had fun playing the game which made it fun to Coach her. She was a big part of our offense from laying bunts and hitting dingers. She filled many roles for us throughout the seasons. She was a catcher, Outfielder, and played some infield.  You ask her to take on these roles and she would tell you wherever you needed her.  Her positive attitude and drive to win is a  big part of the player she has been for the Raiders. In 70 games Chloe has recorded a career batting average .289 and .437 Slugging percentage. She has hit 13 doubles and 4 home runs, 38 RBI and 44 runs. Chloe thank you for all your hard work and for playing your heart out every game. Good luck to you on your next adventure. It has been a honor.”

Coach Kluemper added, “Chloe burst on the scene in her freshman year in the 4th game of the season and delivered a double and triple and led the team to a win over Lafayette Central Catholic.  She continued to be a mainstay in the lineup the rest of the season and the next two years playing in over 20 games every season.

Chloe ‘attacked’ the game of softball with a passion.  She didn’t always do things in an orthodox fashion but she was always effective.  She has tremendous bat speed.  As coaches we always talked about how the faster the pitcher threw the better Chloe was as a hitter.  This bat speed translated into great power as evidenced by her hitting a home run in all 3 seasons that she played.”

Coach Heim continued saying, “This past season Chloe grew as a hitter.  She transitioned from a dead red fastball hitter into a complete hitter.  She was able to adjust to pitchers that changed speeds and was able to do damage to any type of pitch.  She was destined to do great things in her senior season.

Chloe was also one of the leaders of the team.  She was voted a captain in both her junior and senior seasons.  The girls respected her leadership and her loved her vivacious personality.  Her voice resonated on the team and this made her teammates want to follow her.

I want to thank Chloe for so many great memories that past three years.  I have great confidence she will be a success in whatever path life takes her.”

A little more about Chloe:

She plans to study marketing at an Indiana University and work in sports marketing in the future.


Her most memorable experience at Cardinal Ritter were traveling overseas with Coach Lynch and some students, and making some of the most amazing memories of her life and in softball was just the endless fun that they had every single game, and meeting some of her best friends. 

She said she would miss, “this team, and all the past teams I’ve played with. I will miss taking girls over to the field and playing my music that no one listens to lol. I will miss Coach Heim, Coach Kluemper, and Coach Fulkenberg always hyping me up, and I will just miss playing this sport surrounded by these awesome people.” 

She added, “I would like to thank my parents for always encouraging me to do my best in everything, without their encouragement I might not have continued playing 3 sports in high school. I love them both so much, and I am forever grateful. I would also like to thank my siblings Shannon, Kara, Dillon, and Evie for always coming to support me, especially my sweet little nephew Theo 🙂 I want to say thank you to Jess and Annie for always making this sport fun, and being some awesome friends on and off the court, I am endlessly thankful to their awesome personalities! To my fellow teammates, thank you for always being positive and kind. I love you all dearly.. I wish we could have gone on and won a sectional!”