Girls Varsity Tennis · Dema Amro: Spring Sports Senior Showcase

Dema Amro is our next Senior for the Senior Showcase.  Dema is a great teammate that is always helping people around her.  She is able to balance schoolwork and after school activities remarkably.
Coach Rubey said of Dema, “Dema is a great team player and Dema was wonderful to have on the court and she definitely took the art of multi-tasking to heart.”
Coach Allen added, “She was committed to school, tennis, family, and job and was super open to taking advice and instruction from Coach Cathy and myself.”
Here is a little more about Dema:
Dema plans to study Biology at IUPUI and become a Dentist and open a clinic in her home village in Lebanon. 

Her most memorable Cardinal Ritter experience were going to homecoming with all her friends and dancing till their feet hurt and when the tennis ball got stuck in between Citlali’s racquet as she looked for it, obliviously. 

Dema stated, “I will miss rushing to the rec center bathroom with the girls before a tournament. I will also miss all my teammates, Coach Rubey and Coach Allen!”

She also added, “I would like to thank both of my coaches for helping me step out of my boundaries and play as best as I can. I want to thank Mackenzie for driving me to practice being such a supportive friend! I would also like to thank Olivia, Elyse, and Lindsay for making practice fun and memorable.”

Thank you Dema!!!