Girls Varsity Tennis · Olivia Houston: Springs Sports Senior Showcase

Our next senior we are showcasing is tennis player Olivia Houston.  Olivia is one of the most involved students at Cardinal Ritter High School.  She has been a leader of multiple extra-curricular activities including Riley Dance Marathon.  She also decided this year to form the Ping Pong Club which was an enormous success.  On top of being a leader of the tennis team, Olivia is the type of student-athlete that relates to all of her peers from every walk of life.

Coach Rubey and Coach Allen said of Olivia, “Olivia has been a doubles standout the last 2 seasons and she too worked in the off season to hone her skills and take her game to the next level. We expected great things from this outstanding senior leader this season. She is a fighter and her intensity is a sight to behold!  Olivia was certainly one of the best ad court players we have had on our Raiders team with her fantastic backhand she was able to be quite a force as a doubles player.  She like the others had a true desire to win as a sportswoman and scholastically, as well as be a wonderful person.”

Here is a little more about Olivia:

Her parents are Jill and Brad Houston

She plans to study Community Health and Spanish on a pre-dental track at IU.  Eventually she will take over the family business and travel around the world

Her most memorable Cardinal Ritter experiences were Prom junior year the night before Tennis conference and placing 2nd at Conference with Lucy Fultz our sophomore year

What she will miss most is the unlimited support from my whole team, especially my senior girls and coaches

Olivia wanted to thank some people, saying, “thank you especially to my coaches. You guys helped shaped me from someone who didn’t know how to play tennis into the lifelong player I am today.

Lucy- thank you for always being my doubles partner and carrying us on my bad days.

Annie- thank you for being the light of the team. without you this sport wouldn’t be half as fun.

Lauren- thank you for challenging me and making me better with every match we play.

Mackenzie- thank you for taking any beating thrown your way and for always making your match the last

Lindsay- i’m going to miss you next year! carry the team to state!”

Thank Olivia!