Boys Varsity Track · Peter Sperry: Spring Sports Senior Showcase

Peter Sperry is our next Senior being showcased from our spring sports.  Peter ran tack for 4 years while also competing in Cross Country and Swimming.  Peter is a top notch student that is always top of the school.  His academic feats in many ways out way his athletic achievements, but that does not mean Peter also isn’t a standout in all of his sports.  He is one of the the top runners in both cross country and track and also was an important piece to the boys swimming ICC victory.

Peter is an all around outstanding young man.  Coach Ford had some high praise for Peter saying, “Peter was a great asset for us in Cross Country and Track these last four years.”

When talking about Peter’s leadership skills, Coach Ford raved, “The younger runners have looked up to him as what it takes to be runner at Cardinal Ritter.  They say there is no “I” in team as that does not apply to Peter as the “I’ is for his independent and being an Individual which has made him who he and makes him special and successful.”

When Coach Ford commented about Peter’s uniqueness he exclaimed, “Did you see his hair style for over a year?  Then you would understand.  From an outsider it may seem odd, but as a coach I loved it as I knew when the team needed him, he would do whatever it takes.”

His drive to succeed is backed up by Coach Ford saying, “Here are two examples of this, one happened last May when he came up to me and asked if he could help Eli Bush when conference in the 800 by boxing in the leaders.  This protected Eli and thus meant he was giving up his shot at doing well in the race.  He did this all on his own.  It worked, as Peter executed the strategy perfectly and Eli won.  Not many young athletes would do that.”

Coach Ford added, “The other time was at Sectionals in Cross Country this year at Ben Davis. At that point he had not trained for weeks because of injury, thus I Ieft him off the team for Sectional.  He came up to me in street clothes about an hour before the race and asked if the boys would make it through to Regional. I said maybe, but it was going to be close… maybe 40/60.  He asked if he ran, would they move on.  I said most likely yes, but you are not running so what is the point, plus you are not fully healthy as we were planning on him running the week after.”

Peter responded,  “What if I asked my dad if I could run?”

He called his dad and Mr. Sperry said yes.  Coach Ford then chatted on phone with Mr. Sperry about it and he said if Peter wants to run, it is okay with him as the injury is not long term.

Coach Ford marveled, “He put on a teammates uniform and because of Peter we moved on to the Regionals.  I had tears the whole race, and because of his selflessness. I will take that “I” any time!”

Peter will be attending Purdue University and will be studying Engineering

Peters favorite track and field moment was cheering on Paul, Maryanna, and Mariah at State junior year and spending every day after school with my best friends.

His Track and Field Major Career Accomplishments were

*4 year varsity award winner

*Member of the 2018 and 2019  Indiana Crossroads Conference Team Champions

*Indiana Crossroads Conference All-Academic-2019

Thank you Peter!!