Cardinal Ritter Athletic Reopening Guidelines

Cardinal Ritter High School Return To Play Guidelines

The DOE and IHSAA have released extra-curricular recommendations for summer 2020. After taking these into consideration, the following guidelines have been established and are broken into four phases beginning July 6th.

Phase 1 – July 6th through July 18th

Phase 2 – July 20th through August 14st

Phase 3 – August 15th official IHSAA competitions begin

More thorough descriptions of the IHSAA guidelines can be found at


Phase 1 – Monday, July 6th through Saturday, July 18th 


  • ALL summer activities are VOLUNTARY, and NO Sunday practices/workouts permitted.
  • PRIOR to participation July 6th(open gym, conditioning, or practice), all student athletes MUST complete all necessary steps required on RegisterMyAthlete which can be located at These requirements are:
    • Athlete Handbook Agreement
    • Heads Up- Concussion Fact sheet for Athletes and Agreement
    • Heads Up- Concussion Fact sheet for Parents and Agreement
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussion Acknowledgement
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Parent Fact Sheet and Agreement
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Student Fact Sheet and Agreement
    • Parent/Guardian and Student Terms of Participation Agreement
    • Up Load of NEW Physical If NEEDED
    • NEW – Archdiocese Health and Safety Plan Form
    • NEW – Franciscan Health Consent to Treat Form
    • NEW – ISHAA Health History Update Questionnaire and Consent & Release Certificate
      • Note-IF athletes answers YES to any of the questions they need to get a NEW PHYSICAL COMPLETED BEFORE JULY 6TH
  • Individual student athletes are limited to 15 total hours of school contact activity per calendar week.
    • School contact activity includes conditioning and sport-specific activities.
    • No sport may have more than two activity days per calendar week. Sport-specific activity days may not occur on consecutive calendar days. Each sport must register their activity days in the office of the Athletic Director at least 10 days in advance.
    • Activity days are limited to three hours per day. (Six hours per calendar week.)
    • Conditioning is limited to four days per week. Conditioning sessions may be held multiple times each day, each session limited to two hours. Student athletes may attend only one conditioning session per day.
  • Only student athletes, student managers, coaches, medical staff, supervisors, directors, and security should be in attendance.
  • No formal competition is allowed.
  • For contact sports (football), no contact is allowed.


General Guidelines

  • Student-Athletes will be expected to come to campus having shown no know signs of symptoms of COVID-19 and will undergo a COVID-19 question and answer screening prior to each practice.
  • Social Distancing should be practiced whenever possible (6 feet apart).  No handshakes, high fives or fist bumps are permitted.
  • Any student athlete who prefers to wear a face covering for activities should be allowed – if doing so will not cause a health risk.
  • Student managers, coaches, medical staff, supervisors, directors, security staff, etc. are encouraged to wear face coverings at all times unless under rigorous activity or poses a health risk.
  • Coaches will be wearing masks when social distancing is not feasible.
  • Locker rooms should not be utilized. Students should report to their activity in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the conclusion.
  • Gathering sizes should be decreased as much as possible to reduce risk. Workouts should be conducted in defined, smaller groups of students with the same students always together. Reduce gathering size by half capacity in large areas.
  • Appropriate clothing/shoes should be worn at all times to minimize transmission.
  • No sharing of clothing, shoes, towels, or water bottles.
  • Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available at all times.
  • Shared hydration stations (water trough, water fountains, water hose, etc.) should not be utilized except for filling individual, labeled water bottles.
    • Cardinal Ritter High School will be providing each individual 1 water bottle for the year
    • Student-Athletes must fill up their own water bottles prior to practice at home or from either a touchless water bottle station or an assigned water container (gatorade container) at practice.  If an athlete opts to use the assigned water container a coach must use spray disinfectant on the water container surface between uses.  Student-Athletes cannot fill up water for a teammate
  • Student-Athletes must vacate the premises upon completion of practice
  • The blockhouse and gym locker rooms will remain closed and locked.  Restrooms will be open with allowance of only 1 individual at a time to provide social distancing.
  • Personal Items must be stored 6 feet apart.
  • If you have been in contact with anyone that has been infected by COVID-19, please contact school administration so all impacted can be notified.
  • In the case of severe weather, all student-athletes will seek the nearest shelter.  Coaching staff will monitor social distancing within their teams to ensure proper procedures are followed.
  • Anyone associated with Cardinal Ritter High School Athletics who has tested positive for COVID-19 must contact administration immediately.


Drop off and Pick Up Procedures


  • Parents may not stay and watch practice. They must wait for their children in their vehicle prior to departure and must leave the school grounds after check-in.
  • There will be staff checking student-athletes in upon arrival.  Parents are advised not to depart until student-athlete has been cleared to stay.
  • Football and Soccer Teams will enter and exit only at the single gate by the field.
  • Cheer, Volleyball and Basketball must enter at Door #4 only.
  • Cross Country will be checked in outside the Chapel entrance.


Coaches’ Responsibilities

  • Coaches will be expected to come to campus having shown no known signs of symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Daily practice plans are required to be submitted to the athletic department and should  include the following information
    • Pairing of student athletes/group members
    • Cleaning procedures following drills
    • Attendance logs (With documentation of small groups used to track possible COVID cases) with procedures on how attendance will be taken, including tardy athletes.
  • With COVID-19 Screening answers
    • Procedures and workouts for the weight room
    • Water break procedure
    • Departure procedure
  • Practices cannot proceed until practice plans have been approved by the Athletic Department
  • All students and staff should be trained ​and screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 by athletic training staff prior to participating in workouts or practices.
    • Any person with COVID-19-related symptoms are not allowed to take part in workouts or practices and should contact his or her primary care provider or the local COVID testing site for further instruction.
    • Coaches must track COVID-19 impacted attendance and report to school administration.
    • Follow specific return to school protocol in reference to participation for student athletes or staff members who no longer test positive and/or no longer display symptoms of COVID-19.  (Marion Co. Health Dept.)
  • Cleaning schedules should be created and implemented into practice plans for all facilities and equipment. Please inform Athletic Department on depleted inventory to thoroughly clean and disinfect prior to and after usage.

Training Room


  • Athletes must check in with their coach for attendance before they are permitted into the training room.
  • Training Staff will wear masks while working with students in the training room
  • Only 3 athletes will be allowed in the training room at a time.
    • All athletes waiting for treatment must wait in the hallway 6 feet apart or with their team.


Weight Room & Equipment

  • No more than 22 (11 per room) student athletes in the weight room together at one time. Utilize outdoors and gym space outside of the weight room if needed.
  • Shared equipment including sports balls, weights, mats, etc. should be cleaned prior to use and immediately following usage. They must be wiped down after each group finishes the exercise. Responsibility for cleaning should be clear and appropriate training and PPE should be provided.
  • If weight equipment appears to be torn or damaged, report this to the athletic office immediately
  • If the cleaning supplies begin to run low, report immediately to the athletic office.
  • Free weight exercises requiring a spotter cannot be conducted until Phase 2. Safety measures in all forms must be strictly enforced in the weight room.

Phase 2 – July 20th through August 14t

Participation guidelines revised (see below) – all other Phase 1 guidelines remain the same

  • All fall sport may begin normal practice routines with the exception of Football – See Football Guidelines below
  • Athletes are allowed to use locker rooms up to 50% capacity at one time (30 Athletes). Students should shower immediately after practice in the locker room, or directly return home to shower at the conclusion of your workout.
  • Free weight exercises with a spotter may resume under safety precautions.
  • Official fall practices begin
  • Same guidelines as Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Scrimmages may begin with essential personnel only
    • Essential Personnel consists of players, coaches, administration, officials and training staff
    • Parents are NOT allowed to attend any practices or scrimmages
    • All Scrimmages Cardinal Ritter is participating in must be held at Cardinal Ritter High School facilities due to transportation limits


Phase 3 – August 15th    

Same guidelines as Phase 2 except for following changes

  • Formal Competition Begins
  • Events with fans may resume (plans to follow)
  • Locker rooms and weight rooms are OPEN- Practice Social Distancing when possible.


Football Restart – Per IHSAA and IFCA



PHASE I  –  July 6 – 19

NOTIFY your Athletic Director of your activity days prior to June 26.

Individual team sports are allowed 2 activity days each week.  You may use footballs, shields, etc. during your activity periods.  The activity days are limited to one three-hour block of time.  As an example, you cannot have three one-hour blocks over the course of the day.  If you go from 9:00 – 11:00 on Monday, you are done for Monday.  Scheduling an additional session from 6:00-7:00 on Monday to capture the third hour is not permissible.

Players are limited to t-shirts, shorts, and shoes during Phase I.  NO protective equipment, inclusive of girdles, helmets, shoulder pads.

Practice social distancing as prescribed by your local governing agency.  Cohorts are limited to 10-15 students.


PHASE II  –  Summer

July 20 – August 1

Leading up to the start of the Fall Season, continue with 2 activity days each week.  Each activity day is limited to one three-hour block of time.  Per Rule 15-3.3d, Protective equipment is limited to helmets, shoes, mouth piece, girdle, and shoulder pads.  No live contact permitted.  No interschool competition.  Intra-squad competitions are permitted.

August 3 – August 14  Start of Fall Practice


PHASE III  –  August 15 Start of the Regular Season


 Missing Practice(s)/Contest(s) In-Season

There will be no consequence for student-athletes who miss a practice(s) and/or contest(s) due to COVID-19. However, we will follow the IHSAA by-law 9-14 – Practice Attendance Required to Participate in a Contest:

A student-athlete shall attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled Practice sessions to be eligible for interschool athletic competition. If, as a result of a school strike, student Suspension, athletic Suspension, health limitation or other similar reasons, a student shall fail to attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled Practice sessions, such student shall be required to complete the following prior to participation:

a.       attendance and active participation in preseason Practices, if applicable

b.      attendance and active participation in Four (4) school-supervised Practice sessions of normal length, which shall occur on Four (4) separate days prior to the day of the Contest, if the student fails to attend and actively participate in more than Four (4) but less than Eleven (11) consecutive days of regularly scheduled Practice;

c.       attendance and active participation in Six (6) school supervised Practice sessions of normal length, which shall occur on Six (6) separate days prior to the day of the Contest, if the student fails to attend and actively participate in more than Ten (10) consecutive days of regularly scheduled Practice.


Days Missed Number of Practices Required
5 to 10 4
More Than 10 Consecutive 6